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Our Arriflex 435es package includes the following -

Arriflex 435es body w/SD-IVS

2x 400ft Magazines

RCU w/6ft cable

Viewfinder extender

Camera Power Cable

Small Noga Cine-Arm

The package price is $400/day

$475/day adds a VCLX block battery and a Panasonic field monitor


Please note that package prices do not include the price of film or processing.


To our knowledge, Eastman Kodak is currently the only widely available manufacturer of 35 & 16 millimetre motion film stocks. Their website with more information can be found here.

(one 400ft roll lasts approximately 4 minutes at 24 frames per second)

For processing and scanning, the industry standards are Cinelab & Fotokem. A more local option that we have had very good results with is Midwest Film Co. - However for a more comprehensive list, visit Kodak's lab directory.

We advise coordinating with a lab prior to your shoot to expedite processing times.

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